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Hi, Jolande here – I like to give you a general introduction about myself and my products.
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On this site you’ll get great ideas, actionable tips and training of the experts to quickly build your customer base list.

Let my affordable quality products show you how you can achieve your Internet marketing goals and dreams, whether they be personal, networking or corporate.

I’ll show you the training, ideas, tactics, tips and knowledge gathered from the most respected global marketing experts that will bring your skills or business to the next level. Therefore my products might be useful resources for you to gain online marketing success.

This website is part of other “made-easy” sites about Internet Marketing subniches where I sell affordable eBooks and “at-the-spot” video training to get you on the fast track of your Internet Marketing knowledge.

A Little More About Me

moi extra smallMy name is Jolande Grade and I am living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (EU) – a small country situated roughly between Germany and the UK.
I am proud of my hometown with a relaxed atmosphere, so come visit :-).

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not walking on woodenshoes anymore either 🙂 but living in the digital era. I am fond of cheese and tulips too.

I’m an Internet marketer and the owner of several marketing “made-easy” niche websites about Internet Marketing and Social Media.

I have a positive, goal-oriented, efficient and reliable attitude and I enjoy being part of the Internet Marketing arena.

I have a working experience in administration, marketing and sales positions for many years, mainly in the healthcare industry. The main ingredients of all of my former jobs was to interact with other people all the time and to provide solid information and quality service. And that’s also a big part of what I’m doing today.

I took the plunge to build my own business and I’m excited to make my own decisions and to be able to do what I like doing the most… to help other people to succeed online and to strive to have happy customers.

Now I build my own network of sites and products to “row my own boat” on EVERYTHING. I do my own graphics, sales pages, funnels, advertisement campaigns etc… and I’m hand tailoring everything to fit my business needs and I will do the same for your business if you need my services (see services page).

I assure you that I know what you are talking about if you say it’s sometimes a struggle, while it’s a competitive and fast market in the marketing arena. Therefore my products might be useful resources for you to gain online marketing success. I also believe in persistance, not letting go and never give up to succeed….if it works for me and many others, why shouldn’t this apply to you?

Although there is also a little bit of work involved from your part…as with all facts of life… the more work you put into something, the better results you will achieve. This has always been a widely accepted truth that applies to many areas in life as it takes some determination to follow through. And that is why I named my websites: “made-easy” as it shouldn’t be made that complicated as I offer “excite-at-the-spot” videotraining that will show you the way how to implement the proven Internet marketing tactics of the pro’s.

My Products

I’m providing eBooks,”excite-at-the-spot” Video Training and Special Reports about Internet Marketing.

My products will help you to understand the basic knowledge to build your business and to increase your profits the made-easy way as they will give you a good framework to build upon in a step-by-step approach.

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To Your Internet Marketing Success,

Jolande Grade